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Jim Corbett National Park, which is section of a large Corbett tiger reserve, is a mission placed in the Tiger reserve of Nainital district.
Established in 1936 as the Halley National Park, Corbett is proud of India's oldest park. This is being given as a place where the task tiger was once began for the first time in 1973. This unique Bigger location is regarded as the most father who had given start to the challenge tiger in India so that the most dangerous nature of India ought to be protected and called India's royal tigers.

Spans have unfold to the extent of 520 square kilometers, its complete vicinity includes hill, martial depression, river belt, grass and a large lake. It is one of the tiger reserves in India that keeps the night in the lap of the National Park. Nature clock and wildlife scene are accomplished on an open four-wheel jeep or elephant back. A healthful population of tiger and naughty species, such as heater and crocodile population, is one of the most wanted locations for the flora and fauna fanatics of the National Park. Pushkal is located on the boundary of the Giant Valley, the Dalian valley, its most well-known place is in Corbett and it is the most well-known location due to the sizable majority of wildlife.

If you choose chook observing then Corbett is a virtual paradise for such tourists. Corbett and its environment are residents of greater than 650 species and migratory birds. Particularly trekking is a precise location to watch the birds of prey, Raptor of greater than 50 species on my own represents healthy biodiversity in the area. His multiplex behavior is intriguing and his songs are very comfortable with the ears. In short, this great countrywide park of India is well-known for prosperous and various wildlife, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Elephant, Deer e.t.c


Visitors you can Jim Corbett jeep Safari booking in five different zones of the park namely- Bijrani, Jhirna, Dhela, and Durgadevi. All the procedures of jim corbett national park safari booking at Corbett are managed by the forest officials as per the guidelines of India’s forest department.ABOUT JIM CORBETT National Park is a real heritage of India which gives shelter to innumerable wildlife animals, reptiles, birds and mammals in its premises. Located in the Nainital district of Uttrakhand, this national park fascinates the global tourists with the immense presence of endangered wildlife which include tiger, elephants and many more. You must feel surprised to know that Jim Corbett National Park resides over 650 rare wildlife including birds and animals. In deer, you can spot around five different species and this fact shows how amazing diversity in wildlife you can witness on being in Jim Corbett National Park.Founded in 1936, this part was named as Hailey National Park and today, it is known as the oldest national park of our country. In 1973, the first ever Project Tiger was introduced here and since then, it keeps on attracting tiger lovers to it.


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